Citronella Essential Oil 台湾纯香茅精油 [500ml Spray Bottle | 500 毫升喷雾瓶]

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What is Citronella Essential Oil ?
Citronella Essential Oil is a natural plant essential oil extracted from citronella grass. Citronella Essential Oil has a fresh and strong lemon scent, is not pungent, and has a good antibacterial effect. Therefore, it has a good effect on reducing swelling and relieving itching after mosquito bites. People with sensitive skin and thalassemia can use this product with peace of mind since Citronella Essential Oil is also used in perfume, soap and beauty care products.


Functions & Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil 香茅精油功效与作用:
✓ Anti-bacterial  杀菌功能
✓ Prevent mosquito bites 预防蚊虫叮咬
✓ Reduce swelling and itching 消肿止痒
✓ Prevent breeding of cockroaches and ants 杜绝蟑螂蚂蚁滋生
✓ Prevent insects on wooden furniture 防虫蛀食木制家具
✓ Anti-depression 抗忧郁
✓ Relieve fatigue 舒疲劳
✓ Relieve insomnia 缓解失眠
✓ Promote relaxation 放松精神
✓ Promote smooth breathing 呼吸顺畅
✓ Relieve muscle pain 舒缓肌肉疼痛
✓ Relieve headache 减轻头痛


How to Apply Citronella Essential Oil?
✓ Before traveling, outing, hiking or camping, spray directly on your hands, feet, and clothing to prevent mosquito bites.
✓ After being bitten by a mosquito, apply citronella oil immediately to quickly reduce swelling and relieve itching.
✓ Spray citronella oil along doors, windows, and wall corners to prevent mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants from entering the area.
✓ Dip a little citronella oil with a cotton ball and place it inside the piano, wooden furniture, closets and dish washing corners to prevent cockroaches, ants and insects.
✓ Add proper amount of citronella oil in water to mop the floor to prevent cockroaches and ants.
✓ When taking a bath, you can add 1 to 2 drops to soothe your mood. A
fter the bath, the water can be used to mop the floor.
✓ To expel ants/cockroaches, spray citronella oil on the tracks or the route they pass by.
✓ To prevent ants from climbing on the table, just spray citronella oil on the 4 table legs.
✓ To expel fleas from animal pets, spray with citronella oil or use small gourd (after soaking) to put on pets body.
✓ To expel the rats, spray citronella oil on the mouse tracks, passing by routes entrances and exits.
✓ To expel the gecko, spray citronella oil on the bottom edge of the wall or window frame.
✓ To expel termites, spray citronella oil at the entrance and exit of the nest.
✓ To get rid of bed bugs, spray citronella oil on the bottom of the bed frame or bedroom wall.
✓ If you are using water mist aroma diffuser at home, you can use a few drops of citronella oil to make the air fresher.
✓ If there are mosquitoes and cockroaches in the car, you can spray the gourd with citronella oil and put it on the car.
✓If the shoe cabinets/ kitchen cabinets have peculiar smells, use citronella oil to remove them.

✓ 外出旅游,登山郊游露营前,直接喷洒于身上手脚四肢或衣物上,可当防蚊液预防蚊虫叮咬。
✓ 已被蚊虫叮咬后,立刻涂抹香茅油于咬处,可迅速消肿止痒。
✓ 将香茅油沿门,窗,墙角边喷洒,可防蚊虫,蟑螂,蚂蚁入内。
✓ 以棉花球沾取少许香茅油,放置钢琴内,木制家具,衣橱及洗碗盘角落,可防蟑螂蚂蚁及虫蛀。
✓ 加适量香茅油于清水中清洁地板,可防蟑螂,蚂蚁等。
✓ 泡澡时,可滴入1~2滴,舒缓情绪,泡澡后的水可以拿来擦地板。
✓ 驱逐蚂蚁/蟑螂,把香茅油喷在它们经过的足迹或走线上即可。
✓ 防止蚂蚁爬上桌子,就把香茅油喷在4个桌脚处即可。
✓ 驱逐宠物身上的跳蚤,用香茅油喷/搽或用小葫芦(净泡后)给宠物戴在身上即可。
✓ 驱逐老鼠,把香茅油喷在老鼠走线/足迹或出入口即可。
✓ 驱逐壁虎,把香茅油喷在墙壁底下边沿或窗框即可。
✓ 驱逐白蚁,把香茅油喷在巢穴的出入口处。
✓ 驱逐床虱,把香茅油喷在床板,房间墙壁底下边沿即可。
✓ 家里有用水雾香薰器,也可以用香茅油滴几滴进里面,使空气清新。
✓ 车子里有蚊子蟑螂,可以用葫芦罐装满香茅油放在车上。
✓ 鞋柜/厨柜有异味,可用香茅油除之。


Citronella Essential Oil – Your Home and Travel Companion
Whether you are at home, or outing, hiking, or barbecue camping, you can carry it with you for protection.

Usage of Big Gourd (Get 1 FREE with the purchase of 1 bottle):
Open the gourd mouth and spray it with citronella essential oil. For the first time, please spray it again within 1 week until the gourd is completely penetrated, and then spray every 2 weeks or so. Please remember to put the gourd in a ventilated cool place. The big gourd filled with citronella essential oil can be placed on kitchen cabinet in the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom.

Usage of Small Gourd:
Put the small gourd and citronella essential oil in a tight locked jar, and then lock it for 1 week to make the small gourd completely penetrated. Then you may spray next time every 2/3 days. The small gourd filled with citronella essential oil can be worn/placed on the body pocket, hung on the wardrobe, hung on the car, placed in the drawer and etc.


大葫芦罐用法 (随购买一瓶赠送一罐):
把胡芦嘴打开,用香茅精油把它喷满即可 ,由于第一次使用葫芦罐,请在1个星期里面再加喷满直到葫芦罐完全被渗透进去,之后每 2 个星期左右再加 1 次即可,请把葫芦罐置於通风阴凉处。装满香茅精油的大葫芦罐,可放在房间/ 客厅/ 饭厅/ 厨房及浴室间的厨柜上。

小葫芦罐用法 :
用 1 个可锁紧不透风的罐子,把小葫芦与香茅精油装进里面,再把它锁紧 1 个星期,让小葫芦完全净透,接下来每次净泡只需 2/3天。装满香茅精油的小葫芦罐,可以戴在身上,挂在衣橱,挂在车上,置於抽屉等等。


1) Citronella Essential Oil is a natural plant organic liquid solution. When spraying on furniture or walls, please check on furniture/wall paint ingredients as it may dissolve some paint in certain circumstances .
2) This product should be placed in a ventilated cool place, away from fire and direct sunlight.
3) This product is for external use only. It is not suitable for internal use and should be kept away from children plays.
4) If any adult or child accidentally eat it and smell it, it does not bring any side effects. This product has no chemical at all.

4)若大人小孩不小心吃到或闻到,并无任何副作用,此产品无化学药品成分 。

Specification: Citronella Essential Oil 台湾纯香茅精油 [500ml Spray Bottle | 500 毫升喷雾瓶]

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Buy 1 for RM220, Buy 2 for RM400

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