Resp Vit – Lung Support Formula 75g

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Resp Vit is a combination of traditional Chinese and Western herbal formula, enriched with essential herbal extracts. This unique and high quality formula is effective for lungs and bronchial system, to improve quality of breathing and support the respiratory system.



– Smokers or secondhand smokers
– People who often exposed to air pollution
– Office workers (especially working in air-conditioned environment for long term)
– Those who work in dusty working environment (construction workers, coal miners, renovation workers, textile workers, etc)
– People who always exposed to cooking oil fume
– Those who has persistent cough and phlegm
– People with respiratory disease (rhinitis or bronchitis)
– Lack of exercise and low immune system. Especially middle-aged and elderly people



LINGZHI / REISHI MUSHROOM – Used to tonify the “Qi”, ease cough and breath shortness effect. Relieve the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and control the asthma exacerbation and prevent the recurrence.
CORDYCEPYS SINENSIS – Dilated bronchi, improve breathing condition, increase oxygen inhalation and prevent emphysema. Has effects of nourishing the lungs, and kidneys, moisten the lungs, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
ASTRAGALUS – Used as lung tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. Prevent and resist bacterial and viral infections, enhance immunity, regulate and improve pulmonary function (shortness of breath).
MULLEIN – Has expectorant and demulcent effects, remove excess mucus in the respiratory system while also reducing inflammation.
MARSH MALLOW – Used in traditional European medicine, antitussive and can relieve pain, swelling and chest tightness caused by colds and coughs.
BAMBOO SALT – Enriched with minerals and trace elements, increase immune system and elevates symptoms of common colds.



2 teaspoon with 150ml of warm water after meal
For healthy purpose: once daily.
For smoker, weak respiratory system, persistent and severe cough: twice daily



– For adult use. Not suitable for under 3years old
(3-17 years old take one teaspoon per day or as professionally prescribed, not suggested for long term use)
– Not suitable for pregnant women or breastfeeding.

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